La Cookeracha is a trilingual blog about food, cooking and getting creative in your kitchen! Get to know recipes from all over the world and surprise your taste buds with new flavors! It’s all about learning new things, experimenting with well-known ingredients, and discovering your new favorites…and about getting to know the cultural backgrounds of some dishes and ingredients along the way. So put on your aprons, grab your spoons and join me on this culinary adventure!

About me:

I am a passionate cook and an even more passionate eater! When it’s about trying new dishes, you can count on me being the first one to dig my spoon in! In addition, I love surprising my family and friends with my culinary experiments 🙂 (Don’t panic – reactions have been pretty good until now and everybody’s still alive so you’ll be fine). With my family being from Armenia and Georgia (the country, not the US-state) and with myself having had the luck to spend some time in different countries, I have been able to try a delicacy or two. However, that’s just the beginning! I’m looking forward to discovering new and also “oldie, but a goldie”- food trends and sharing them with you guys. Also, I’m an Ethnology and Romance philology student so be prepared to learn a thing or two about different cultures and their culinary backgrounds 🙂 maybe you’ll also get inspired to learn another language!