Homemade Lentil-Zucchini Tortellini

This recipe is as easy to make, as it is delicious! I came up with it when I was craving filled pasta, but didn’t  want anything as filling as my Vareniki. In addition, I was in a mood to experiment a bit. So I really just threw together what I could find in my kitchen…Read more Homemade Lentil-Zucchini Tortellini


Vareniki – A warm embrace on a plate

This dish, for me, is one of the culinary perfections of this world. On one hand because anything that includes pasta dough and a filling is –despite the simplicity of the ingredients- just wonderful when combined. On the other hand because it evokes memories of my childhood. The sweet variation of Vareniki, filled with sour…Read more Vareniki – A warm embrace on a plate