Heavenly Chocolate Tart

I love easy-to-make and simple recipes, which in return, result in something seriously delicious! Like this tart, for example. It doesn’t take long at all, because it’s a no-bake-recipe and it’s absolutely delicious… Therefore, here are the few ingredients, so that you can finish it quickly and taste for yourself! 200gr. of Butter biscuits (Rich…Read more Heavenly Chocolate Tart

Vareniki – A warm embrace on a plate

This dish, for me, is one of the culinary perfections of this world. On one hand because anything that includes pasta dough and a filling is –despite the simplicity of the ingredients- just wonderful when combined. On the other hand because it evokes memories of my childhood. The sweet variation of Vareniki, filled with sour…Read more Vareniki – A warm embrace on a plate

Roasted Vegetables: Yellow Beets feat. Carrots

I am aware that many people dislike beetroots, but for me they’re one of my favourite vegetables (stay tuned for a yummy beetroot-recipe coming soon!). What I wasn’t aware of, was beetroot’s yellow sister! Until now, she hadn’t made an appearance on my plate. Some weeks ago, we started to order vegetables from a regional…Read more Roasted Vegetables: Yellow Beets feat. Carrots