I am aware that many people dislike beetroots, but for me they’re one of my favourite vegetables (stay tuned for a yummy beetroot-recipe coming soon!). What I wasn’t aware of, was beetroot’s yellow sister! Until now, she hadn’t made an appearance on my plate.

Some weeks ago, we started to order vegetables from a regional farm as an addition to our regular grocery shopping. Since then, different types of vegetables that we hadn’t tried before have crossed our path and until now it has always been a delicious pleasure!

So, long story short: this is how the yellow beet found its way into our kitchen and into our stomachs. A nice side effect to the yummy taste: once you cut it up, this inconspicuously looking beet reveals its pretty inside, radiantly yellow and marbled with lighter shades. So it will not only taste great when cooked, but also look pretty nice when used raw in a salad!

In my first attempt, I decided to go for the oven-roasted variation, which can be served as a side dish, but also as the main attraction 🙂 My yellow beet was joined by a fellow friend to complete the indian summer motive: carrots in different shades.

With this recipe, you can adjust the amounts of vegetables and other ingredients used to your own liking. What goes on the baking tray will be there when it comes out of the oven, so no surprises 😀 So these are the ingredients I used:

2 yellow beets

4 carrots

4 tbsp of olive oil

2 tbsp of honey

2 cloves of garlic

herbs of your choice ( I used thyme and rosemary)


Preheat the oven to 180° C upper/bottom heat and get a baking tray ready to use.

I decided not to peel the beet, so I just washed it thoroughly. But of course you can peel it beforehand it you like. Same for the carrots, which I peeled in this case. After that cut the beet into slices; don’t worry too much about the thickness of them. Cut the carrots into strips/sticks, etc.


For the marinade, mix the olive oil and the honey in a medium sized bowl. Press the garlic cloves and add them to the mixture. You can also cut them into small pieces, if you don’t own a garlic press. You can add the herbs as you please, either directly to the marinade or later on to the baking tray. Also, it doesn’t matter whether you use fresh, frozen or dried herbs.


Add the vegetables to the marinade and mix them well together to cover every piece of the vegetables.


Place them on your baking tray, spreading them out evenly so that you don’t have too many slices lying on top of each other. If you haven’t added the herbs to the marinade, now is your big moment: sprinkle them generously onto your veggies and add salt and pepper. If you live on the wild side, you can add chili, curry or any other spices that you like. 😛


The last step is putting our little friends to sleep in the oven for 35 minutes minimum until they are nice, soft, and golden. You can poke them with a fork to see if they’re ready.

And that’s the whole story! This recipe is perfect for experimenting, just in case you have other vegetables at hand or want to modify the marinade.

Have fun with it and enjoy!



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